GPE Holdings Inc. which does business as the Gramercy Group ("Gramercy" or "GG") was formed to acquire and house the combined technology portfolio assets and operations of a number of venture, private equity and investment banking firms in the US, Europe and Asia. The aim of the merger is to provide a critical mass on a global scale to take advantage of the continued globalization of technology investment and innovation's continued position as the preeminent driver of wealth creation globally. As a point of specialization Gramercy has a focus on cross-border opportunities that leverage its strengths against an increasingly global industry.

The activities of the Gramercy Group are directed to companies across a range of industries where the application of technology driven innovation is creating growth and change. Some of the sectors this cover include digital and social media, mobile, telecom, SaaS/Cloud, e-learning, big data, metrics, diagnostic devices, clean technology, agricultural technology, commodity extraction and trading, renewable energy and sustainable business. The Gramercy Group is well positioned in each of these sectors which account for a significant portion of current innovation driven economic growth. Gramercy seeks to achieve a portfolio spread between products and services and between stages of company and geography.

The company is an investment and advisory entity similar to a traditional merchant bank but with a technology/innovation focused Fund of Funds as its centerpiece. Its management centers are in San Francisco, New York, Doha and London and it has operations in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Cape Town, Gaborone, Dubai, Sydney & Melbourne.

Gramercy has direct investments in twenty eight portfolio companies, manages several Special Purpose Private Equity Funds, (SPPEFs) and is the manager of the Asia BrandTech Fund, which focuses on cross border opportunities into and out of Asia. An Africa Fund is currently under launch as are several other Funds including a Cause focused Fund.

Gramercy is an investor and strategic partner to AIDA, a specialist Africa investment and advisory firm.

Gramercy has a close strategic and equity partnership with Human Equity.

The Gramercy Group derives part of its investment capital from the profitable operation of a trading platform, Gramercy Commodities.

The Gramercy Group is committed to the highest levels of social responsibility and ethical investment. Accordingly it is pursuing a path to becoming both a flexible purpose corporation and being Shari'ah compliant.



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